June 3rd- Best Day of my LIFE!!!

Hello there. I know I haven’t really been writing but I do want to make a priority to write especially Β because, writing is a main hobby of mine. But, lets get into the biggest event that happened on June 3rd which was the Christian Guzman end of Summer Shredding event at Alphalete Gym in Stafford, Texas. The drive was 6 hours long and the closer we go there ( my husband and I ) the more anxious but excited I became. First of all my dream is to move to Houston, Texas Β because, of Alphalete Gym but also to have a different environment for my future. I want a different view, a different life, to meet different people , and I know for sure in a couple of years I can make that dream come true. No Doubt!!!!

The gym was located in Stafford, Texas which getting there and breathing Β Texas air and feeling that humidity hit you. I felt like HOME! I now need to move here- I thought. We had to park couple blocks away due to a lot of people but, we walked to the gym location, and at the time I couldn’t believe it. It was just mind blowing and a dream come true. The Gym was amazing and there was meat heads everywhere and it just felt right and it automatically felt that I belonged there. ( I am a meat head too no worries. )Every corner of that gym that I seen in Christian Guzman videos, I was actually seeing it with my own eyes. I was just speechless.


We waited for about 40 minutes and we noticed drones flying over recording the event and we all knew that Christian Guzman was around the corner. Next thing you know you see his Range Rover pull up and we all start screaming, We were all happy and excited to see him and his crew. Christian himself was extremely happy on the outcome of the event and see all these people being there celebrating and supporting each other. In total there was over 2,000 people that came out to the event, there was food, sno-cones , donuts, Ghost Lifestyle was there well, there were the main because, they sponsored the event. Don’t forget the big obstacle courses and just lots and lots of fun.


I can definitely said when I met Christian Guzman I was speechless. I am actually still am. He is such a genuine, caring person you will ever meet. Very unique guy and he is just amazing person .I really can’t find any words to describe him only that we need more people like him. Β He is my biggest inspiration and he will forever will be. I love his Alphalete family and they opened up their hearts to receive us with hugs and donuts. But, follow him on Twitter, Istagram, Snapchat, and especially Youtube to get fitness, business, or life advices so don’t forget to check it out, and you can also find his team on there. They are amazing & one day I will be moving close to there. I didn’t want to leave Stafford, TX, it just felt like Home immediately. Alphalete Family gave me motivation to keep going on my hobbies and just not to give up on the things I am working on. So I am grateful that I got to met someone that is so big and its part of my life. This time when I came back home to Oklahoma and saw his video, I can finally say that I was there not, I wish I was there. Β To this day and time, I couldn’t believe what I experience. It was truly amazing. Β It was the best way to end Summer Shredding which I didn’t attend this year but, my husband did. But next year will be the year.


135.JPGThis is Rob Lipsett and Β he needs to marry me.


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