June 3rd- Best Day of my LIFE!!!

Hello there. I know I haven’t really been writing but I do want to make a priority to write especially Β because, writing is a main hobby of mine. But, lets get into the biggest event that happened on June 3rd which was the Christian Guzman end of Summer Shredding event at Alphalete Gym in Stafford, Texas. The drive was 6 hours long and the closer we go there ( my husband and I ) the more anxious but excited I became. First of all my dream is to move to Houston, Texas Β because, of Alphalete Gym but also to have a different environment for my future. I want a different view, a different life, to meet different people , and I know for sure in a couple of years I can make that dream come true. No Doubt!!!!

The gym was located in Stafford, Texas which getting there and breathing Β Texas air and feeling that humidity hit you. I felt like HOME! I now need to move here- I thought. We had to park couple blocks away due to a lot of people but, we walked to the gym location, and at the time I couldn’t believe it. It was just mind blowing and a dream come true. The Gym was amazing and there was meat heads everywhere and it just felt right and it automatically felt that I belonged there. ( I am a meat head too no worries. )Every corner of that gym that I seen in Christian Guzman videos, I was actually seeing it with my own eyes. I was just speechless.


We waited for about 40 minutes and we noticed drones flying over recording the event and we all knew that Christian Guzman was around the corner. Next thing you know you see his Range Rover pull up and we all start screaming, We were all happy and excited to see him and his crew. Christian himself was extremely happy on the outcome of the event and see all these people being there celebrating and supporting each other. In total there was over 2,000 people that came out to the event, there was food, sno-cones , donuts, Ghost Lifestyle was there well, there were the main because, they sponsored the event. Don’t forget the big obstacle courses and just lots and lots of fun.


I can definitely said when I met Christian Guzman I was speechless. I am actually still am. He is such a genuine, caring person you will ever meet. Very unique guy and he is just amazing person .I really can’t find any words to describe him only that we need more people like him. Β He is my biggest inspiration and he will forever will be. I love his Alphalete family and they opened up their hearts to receive us with hugs and donuts. But, follow him on Twitter, Istagram, Snapchat, and especially Youtube to get fitness, business, or life advices so don’t forget to check it out, and you can also find his team on there. They are amazing & one day I will be moving close to there. I didn’t want to leave Stafford, TX, it just felt like Home immediately. Alphalete Family gave me motivation to keep going on my hobbies and just not to give up on the things I am working on. So I am grateful that I got to met someone that is so big and its part of my life. This time when I came back home to Oklahoma and saw his video, I can finally say that I was there not, I wish I was there. Β To this day and time, I couldn’t believe what I experience. It was truly amazing. Β It was the best way to end Summer Shredding which I didn’t attend this year but, my husband did. But next year will be the year.


135.JPGThis is Rob Lipsett and Β he needs to marry me.


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Thank you for reading my blog. Stay Tuned for more.

Stay Blessed and Lift Heavy.Β 

Alphalete Athletics // Ghost LifestyleΒ 

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Motivation. Blog #4Β 

Not everyday you feel like going for a run, eating healthy food, or saving money, things that you promised yourself you were going to do. But these are people who always do these things. You are probably wondering, how do these people accomplish these promises? How do they get into the best body ever? How this ? How that? Why not me?

These people have a system, a routine, this completely detached from how they feel. 

So I have some simple motivational tips here from personal experience. 

1. Prepare your gym clothes, close to you the night before. So it prepares you. Don’t forget your alarms. 

2. Step up a schedule, typical write it on a Sunday, or beginning of the month, for your meals and workouts. Brand new week/month, brand new goals and outlooks. This helps you focus on a daily basis. 

3. Step up Sticky Notes around your house of motivational quotes as a reminder of not giving up and to keep going. 

4. Set up goal stones/rewards. Make sure these are written down, that is #1 step for achieving your goals. For example: When I lose 6lbs, I will buy myself a new gym outfit. Just a reward

5. Create a vision board of your fitness goals and every day take 5 minutes and sit there and look at it. Visualize yourself already achieving those goals. How would you feel? How would you look? 

6. Be grateful for health. Have fun. Reward yourself.

When I work with clients, we work on their mental self image, how they see themselves, its very important because it reflects and affects their lives. Start with a grateful intentions and end with a grateful heart and state of mind. I can help you achieve your goals. Email: deboravalenzuelafitness@gmail.com
Hope you like this post! 

This is my personal experience so I am open for advices or add ons to this post and any other posts. Eat a healthy breakfast, don’t skip meals, love, life, lift, get shredded. 


Start your day Awesome! Blog #3

Every one has a busy life at one point and I completely understand that. Sometimes even when you are tired, you do things because they have to be done. Working is a part of life but, also eating is a part of life as well. But you have 24 hours in a day and if you spend time wasting it and no chasing your dreams. Nobody will hand you your goals and dreams while you sit on the couch being lazy. And this can go for health and fitness which is very important in your life, having time to work on yourself, which is not selfish at all. If you do some research successful people will tell you if you don’t work on yourself of mind form and physical form you will not be successful in life. Always feed your mind and body. People that wake up before the world are more productive through the day. 

Not a lot of people are awake at 0430 or 0500 so go the gym, go for a run, meditate, or something that is for you and benefits you. Do more than what you did yesterday. Baby steps are extremely important. This is your journey and new lifestyle. 

At 0700 after going to the gym or so, breakfast is a vital component in healthy living. For me my most carbs are at morning to give me a good energy throughout the day and I don’t tend to crave carbs later in the evening or when I am about to go to bed. 

Eating breakfast: increase metabolism, maintain or lose weight, enhance mood, stimulate intelligence and enhance the immune system. In your breakfast include: whole grain, non-fat dairy products, and protein. So having a full filled breakfast really makes a difference on your daily life. 

Eggs- My tip is eat eggs everyday and when you do, your body will be happy with you. Eggs are a fat burner on your belly, satisfys hungar longer, included in breakfast it reduces calorie intake, reduce cravings and improved concentration. Include eggs which is protein in breakfast. Its ten times easier to burn calories thoughout the day. 

When you don’t eat breakfast? It affects your waistline- your craving of carbs will go up later in the day. It tricks your mind into starvation mode and it holds your fat which results in weight gain, you might binge eat  and it slows down your metabolism. Eat to live not live to eat. So eat breakfast! 

Hope you like this post! This is my personal experience so I am open for advices or add ons to this post and any other posts.  Eat a healthy breakfast, don’t skip meals, love, life, lift, get shredded. 


Your body, Your temple. Blog #2

Hey there again. How is everyone doing? Hopefully great. 

Filling up your body with colorful and fresh food will eventually reflect; in your skin, hair, and nails. Having healthy habits help prevent certain heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. This life- long commitment effects every part of your life from home, school, social life, work and more importantly yourself.  You are a beautiful human being with so much talent, why let that go to waste? Within you and yes you have so much potential. Improving your eating habits also improves your mental state. If you have a poor self image, you will find to be eventually stuck and back to square one. By altering your self image which is how you see yourself mentally will reflect physically. Step One: Write down your goals. Step Two: a detail deep description on the person you want to become. And re read those goals and description, Everyday at least 4-8 times a day even more is better. Step 3: Don’t forget to give and receive Love and importantly Self- Love. Don’t forget! You are beautiful. If you need any help on these steps, don’t be timid or afraid to send me a email at dvalenzuelafitness@gmail.com 

But, by just replacing some unhealthy meals or snacks to rich nutritious meals or snacks, over time it will make a huge difference. Your mind and body will thank you. 

Also fuel your body with cardiovascular activity and strength training or any choice of 30-60 minutes of sweaty exercise. Favorite part of the day. If it was easy folks, every one will be doing it but its not, there is a lot of failure, success, fights with yourself and discipline. But at the same time its a fun journey and its your journey. There is no competition but with yourself.!

My question for you is are you interested in making this amazing change or committed on making it your lifestyle? 

I can help you write your own workout and meal. Don’t be afraid to ask. I want everyone to succeed and live long. 

Love you guys ❀

The Beginning- This is Me. Blog #1Β 

Just to start off, I am very excited to start this fitness blog and I hope you are excited to. I started my fitness journey about three years ago. My senior year of high school, I took a health class and at that moment I started to change my life around. I always been a chubby girl and my mother was never nice to me about my weight so she called me names when I was young. Not good names so I and to this day struggle to love myself and my body which I will showing the next couple of posts and I eventually started binging and purging. Not going to lie but it peaks here and there. During my senior year, I couldn’t really work out because, from 6am to 3pm I had school and then work from 5pm to 1am. Looking back I know now that wasn’t an excuse not to workout. But  I chose to change my eating habits and I cleaned it up. By the end of senior year 2014, my sugar cravings were down and I didn’t crave it as much anymore. So by just replacing your eating habits to alternative healthy ones really made a big difference. Baby steps are extremely important. Since I graduated high school I got a second job at LA Fitness and my fitness journey took off. Honestly, in the beginning I had no idea what I was doing, I was not consistent, and I was lost. I am grateful for a push I got from a personal trainer and Zurvita. From there I knew, I wanted to do something fitness related and help people reach their goals. No one is perfect but the fitness journey is a fun route to go on. A journey of a million miles begins with one step at a time. 

My name is Debora S. Valenzuela, I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I am 21, my current weight 171 lbs and I stand at 4’11 tall. My current occupation is Correctional Officer, I love Writing, Art, Nature, Food and Fitness. I love watching Christian Guzman you tube videos honestly he is my favorite fitness person. I know this is a long way to go but I am excited how far I can go. 

β€’for Fitness Advices/Tips/Other Inquiry/Questions: deboravalenzuelafitness@gmail.com