Food Journals & Workout Trackers 

Tracking your progress is essential in your fitness journey so, you can go back and see your journey and evaluate for next results. I made up just basic food tracker and workout journal to help you. 

Workout tracker: is a basic simple fit test in the beginning and tracker towards the end. 

Food Journal: this comes with basic standard food tips to have a general idea of journey and at the end to track your food intake progress. 

These dont count macronutrients but instead just helps you clean up your diet. But I also recommend using MyFitnessPal for your macro needs. 

Okay lovelys to wrap up these PDF files, its only 10 dollars via Pay pal. email: 

If you purchase I hope you enjoy this journal with friends and family. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

Also I have a day job so if I dont get to your email soon please be advised that I am a Corrections Officer and I am working. 
Thank you for your time & enjoy your fitness lifestyle journey 

DValenzuela Fitness.                                  Email: Instagram: _debvalenzuela

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