Motivation. Blog #4 

Not everyday you feel like going for a run, eating healthy food, or saving money, things that you promised yourself you were going to do. But these are people who always do these things. You are probably wondering, how do these people accomplish these promises? How do they get into the best body ever? How this ? How that? Why not me?

These people have a system, a routine, this completely detached from how they feel. 

So I have some simple motivational tips here from personal experience. 

1. Prepare your gym clothes, close to you the night before. So it prepares you. Don’t forget your alarms. 

2. Step up a schedule, typical write it on a Sunday, or beginning of the month, for your meals and workouts. Brand new week/month, brand new goals and outlooks. This helps you focus on a daily basis. 

3. Step up Sticky Notes around your house of motivational quotes as a reminder of not giving up and to keep going. 

4. Set up goal stones/rewards. Make sure these are written down, that is #1 step for achieving your goals. For example: When I lose 6lbs, I will buy myself a new gym outfit. Just a reward

5. Create a vision board of your fitness goals and every day take 5 minutes and sit there and look at it. Visualize yourself already achieving those goals. How would you feel? How would you look? 

6. Be grateful for health. Have fun. Reward yourself.

When I work with clients, we work on their mental self image, how they see themselves, its very important because it reflects and affects their lives. Start with a grateful intentions and end with a grateful heart and state of mind. I can help you achieve your goals. Email:
Hope you like this post! 

This is my personal experience so I am open for advices or add ons to this post and any other posts. Eat a healthy breakfast, don’t skip meals, love, life, lift, get shredded. 


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