Start your day Awesome! Blog #3

Every one has a busy life at one point and I completely understand that. Sometimes even when you are tired, you do things because they have to be done. Working is a part of life but, also eating is a part of life as well. But you have 24 hours in a day and if you spend time wasting it and no chasing your dreams. Nobody will hand you your goals and dreams while you sit on the couch being lazy. And this can go for health and fitness which is very important in your life, having time to work on yourself, which is not selfish at all. If you do some research successful people will tell you if you don’t work on yourself of mind form and physical form you will not be successful in life. Always feed your mind and body. People that wake up before the world are more productive through the day. 

Not a lot of people are awake at 0430 or 0500 so go the gym, go for a run, meditate, or something that is for you and benefits you. Do more than what you did yesterday. Baby steps are extremely important. This is your journey and new lifestyle. 

At 0700 after going to the gym or so, breakfast is a vital component in healthy living. For me my most carbs are at morning to give me a good energy throughout the day and I don’t tend to crave carbs later in the evening or when I am about to go to bed. 

Eating breakfast: increase metabolism, maintain or lose weight, enhance mood, stimulate intelligence and enhance the immune system. In your breakfast include: whole grain, non-fat dairy products, and protein. So having a full filled breakfast really makes a difference on your daily life. 

Eggs- My tip is eat eggs everyday and when you do, your body will be happy with you. Eggs are a fat burner on your belly, satisfys hungar longer, included in breakfast it reduces calorie intake, reduce cravings and improved concentration. Include eggs which is protein in breakfast. Its ten times easier to burn calories thoughout the day. 

When you don’t eat breakfast? It affects your waistline- your craving of carbs will go up later in the day. It tricks your mind into starvation mode and it holds your fat which results in weight gain, you might binge eat  and it slows down your metabolism. Eat to live not live to eat. So eat breakfast! 

Hope you like this post! This is my personal experience so I am open for advices or add ons to this post and any other posts.  Eat a healthy breakfast, don’t skip meals, love, life, lift, get shredded. 


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