Your body, Your temple. Blog #2

Hey there again. How is everyone doing? Hopefully great. 

Filling up your body with colorful and fresh food will eventually reflect; in your skin, hair, and nails. Having healthy habits help prevent certain heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. This life- long commitment effects every part of your life from home, school, social life, work and more importantly yourself.  You are a beautiful human being with so much talent, why let that go to waste? Within you and yes you have so much potential. Improving your eating habits also improves your mental state. If you have a poor self image, you will find to be eventually stuck and back to square one. By altering your self image which is how you see yourself mentally will reflect physically. Step One: Write down your goals. Step Two: a detail deep description on the person you want to become. And re read those goals and description, Everyday at least 4-8 times a day even more is better. Step 3: Don’t forget to give and receive Love and importantly Self- Love. Don’t forget! You are beautiful. If you need any help on these steps, don’t be timid or afraid to send me a email at 

But, by just replacing some unhealthy meals or snacks to rich nutritious meals or snacks, over time it will make a huge difference. Your mind and body will thank you. 

Also fuel your body with cardiovascular activity and strength training or any choice of 30-60 minutes of sweaty exercise. Favorite part of the day. If it was easy folks, every one will be doing it but its not, there is a lot of failure, success, fights with yourself and discipline. But at the same time its a fun journey and its your journey. There is no competition but with yourself.!

My question for you is are you interested in making this amazing change or committed on making it your lifestyle? 

I can help you write your own workout and meal. Don’t be afraid to ask. I want everyone to succeed and live long. 

Love you guys ❀

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