The Beginning- This is Me. Blog #1 

Just to start off, I am very excited to start this fitness blog and I hope you are excited to. I started my fitness journey about three years ago. My senior year of high school, I took a health class and at that moment I started to change my life around. I always been a chubby girl and my mother was never nice to me about my weight so she called me names when I was young. Not good names so I and to this day struggle to love myself and my body which I will showing the next couple of posts and I eventually started binging and purging. Not going to lie but it peaks here and there. During my senior year, I couldn’t really work out because, from 6am to 3pm I had school and then work from 5pm to 1am. Looking back I know now that wasn’t an excuse not to workout. But  I chose to change my eating habits and I cleaned it up. By the end of senior year 2014, my sugar cravings were down and I didn’t crave it as much anymore. So by just replacing your eating habits to alternative healthy ones really made a big difference. Baby steps are extremely important. Since I graduated high school I got a second job at LA Fitness and my fitness journey took off. Honestly, in the beginning I had no idea what I was doing, I was not consistent, and I was lost. I am grateful for a push I got from a personal trainer and Zurvita. From there I knew, I wanted to do something fitness related and help people reach their goals. No one is perfect but the fitness journey is a fun route to go on. A journey of a million miles begins with one step at a time. 

My name is Debora S. Valenzuela, I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I am 21, my current weight 171 lbs and I stand at 4’11 tall. My current occupation is Correctional Officer, I love Writing, Art, Nature, Food and Fitness. I love watching Christian Guzman you tube videos honestly he is my favorite fitness person. I know this is a long way to go but I am excited how far I can go. 

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